Covid-19 Ongoing Projects Available Resources Links to Other info




Here we will list links to interesting information and statistics that may be relevant to the community.


Some very well presented statistics from official sources by Marek Gierlinski these are updated daily.

A very good website explaining the basic science of the Covid-19 virus and the outbreak (useful for the general public) link

News of large scale simulation link

News of early drug screening efforts link

More incredible news of large scale computing link

A very useful resource for news and funding sources link

News of clinical trials attracting funding link

MolSSI has extended their deadline for seed fellows and set aside a pool for Covid-19 related projects, more information here

Physics of life has a covid-19 page with lots of links to interesting information (resources, funding etc). link

News of research out of Carlos Simmerling' lab link

News of research at the Max-Planck Institute of Biophysics link

A news article from Nvidia about various Covid-19 efforts link

A news article from Atos about their Covid-19 efforts link