Deadline 09/06/2023 at 17:00

By filling in this form you are applying for a time allocation on a UK supercomputer, we have combined access to all machines including ARCHER2 and the Tier2's into a single application form. PIs are allowed to submit two cases into this call but must they must each contain distinct science cases - these may not be placed on the same HPC machine.

Before proceeding with your application, there are a number of points below that you must agree to. There are also a number of preparatory steps that you will need to take before proceeding with the application, these are detailed below.

In this call, we will be assessing applications against the following HPC resources:






It is important that applications for UK HPC time via the HECBioSim consortium are solving problems strictly of a biological nature. We do encourage interdisciplinary applications, but such applicants should take special care in their justification document in highlighting the biological problems that are the focus of the project. Vague and/or tenuous connections to biological subject areas are certain to be rejected at the panel.

Justification Document

You will be expected to provide a 2 page (maximum) support case as part of this application, it is better to have this written before starting this form. We have advice on what it should contain along with guidelines on resource request sizes here.

We are combining access across all HPC facilities within this single call to simplify access. It is very important that you provide a detailed breakdown of the simulations you intend to run so that we can assess at the panel the best HPC resource and allocate the correct amount of resource (you will not be asked on the form about the resource allocation estimates any longer!). A good example would be to provide detail on the codes you wish to use, and then a table breakdown of system sizes, simulation run lengths and number of repeats.


By applying for time on UK HPC via HECBioSim, you are agreeing that we can collect information for the purpose of submitting your application into our review process, this information will be held for the specific purpose to satisfy our reporting requirements to funding bodies.

You agree that if successful that your project allocation is governed by any policies or service agreements as set out by the relevant service partners that run the machine facility.

You agree that if successful, that your project allocation usage will be tracked by HECBioSim and if necessary your allocation will be re-profiled in cases where usage falls too low.

You agree that if successful the EPSRC and the UK High-End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular Simulation will be acknowledged in any publications/outputs arising from your time allocation and that you will be pro-active in helping us with reporting to funding bodies. To acknowledge HECBioSim in publications please use:

This project made use of time on UK HPC granted via the UK High-End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular Simulation, HECBioSim (, supported by EPSRC (grant no. EP/X035603/1)

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