The list of publications below have directly benefitted from the resources that HECBioSim provides.


Publications citing current grant code (EP/R029407/1)

The morphogen Sonic hedgehog inhibits its receptor Patched by a pincer grasp mechanism - Nature Chemical Biology
Amalie F. Rudolf, Maia Kinnebrew, Christiane Kowatsch, T. Bertie Ansell, Kamel El Omari, Benjamin Bishop, Els Pardon, Rebekka A. Schwab, Tomas Malinauskas, Mingxing Qian, Ramona Duman, Douglas F. Covey, Jan Steyaert, Armin Wagner, Mark S. P. Sansom, Rajat Rohatgi & Christian Siebold

Membrane Recognition and Binding by the Phosphatidylinositol Phosphate Kinase PIP5K1A: A Multiscale Simulation Study - Structure
Sarah-Beth T.A. Amos, Antreas C. Kalli, JiyeShi, Mark S.P.Sansom

A Refined Open State of the Glycine Receptor Obtained Via Molecular Dynamics Simulations  - Biorxiv
Marc A. Dämgen, Philip C. Biggin

The Dual Role of Histidine as General Base and Recruiter of a Third Metal Ion in HIV-1 RNase H - Chemrxiv
Simon L. Dürr, Olga Bohuszewicz, Reynier Suardiaz, Pablo G. Jambrina, Christine Peter, Yihan Shao, EdinaRosta