HECTime Application Form for JADE

Before filling out this form it is strongly recommended that you read through the application guide and the FAQs. It is also recommended that if you are using one of our supported codes (see FAQ) that you make use of the benchmarks, to give you an insight into how much resource your simulations will require (you will be asked this).

Please note:

New applications where previous allocations closed with unused resource allocation of 50% and higher will be heavily penalised during review.

The EPSRC and the UK High-End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular Simulation must be acknowledged in any publications arising from your research. To acknowledge HECBioSim in publications please use:

This project made use of time on JADE granted via the UK High-End Computing Consortium for Biomolecular Simulation, HECBioSim (www.hecbiosim.ac.uk), supported by EPSRC (grant no. EP/R029407/1)


Applicant Details

The details requested in this section should be those for the project PI (unless the project is a grand challenge in which case this is the person of first contact). The PI must be a permanent member of academic staff affiliated to a UK institution, PhD students and PDRA's cannot act as project PI.


Project Details

Please provide the following details about the project, further information can be found in the guide and FAQ about what is required here. It is recommended to check your resource request against our benchmarks (if you are using one of the supported codes).

Please note: for our 1st call we will be limiting projects to 10k GPU.hrs for projects using GROMACS/AMBER and 5k GPU.hrs using other codes.


Project User Details

Please provide details of any users that will be added to your project. Users can be of any nationality but they must be working/studying at a UK institution.

Details for user 1